Today’s Horse Facts: The Cleveland Bay

 Cleveland Bay 1( All facts taken from the websites cited at the end of the post)

Cleveland Bay horses are used for farm work and driving, as well as under-saddle work. They are particularly popular for fox hunting and show jumping, they also have been used by members of the royal family throughout their history, and they are still used to pull carriages in royal processions today. Let’s see how you do in today’s T/F quiz:

  1. The Cleveland Bay originated in England during the 17th century.
  2. The Cleveland Bay is rare breed with a great risk of extinction.
  3. The Pure-Bred Cleveland Bay is a very intelligent horse with a sensible temperament.
  4. The Cleveland Bay stand between 64 and 66 inches tall.
  5. Cleveland Bays are not always bay in color but can be a variety of colors.
  6. 550 horses existed worldwide as of 2006.
  7. In the 1920s, Cleveland Bays replaced black Arabians in the British royal stables.
  8. Currently, there are about 135 purebred Cleveland Bays in the US and Canada.
  9. Cleveland Bays’ actions are level, strict, and short striding.
  10. The Cleveland Bay is the oldest established breed of English Horse.

Cleveland Bay 2

Let me know if you got at least eight of these questions correct. If so, then you are a Cleveland Bay Horse expert! Here are the answers:

  1. T
  2. T
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F    The Cleveland Bay is always bay in color.
  6. T
  7. F    Cleveland Bays replaced black Hanoverians during the 1920s.
  8. T
  9. F    Cleveland Bays actions are level, free, and long striding.

10.   T

Well, do you know your horse facts about Cleveland Bay Horses? If you want to learn more, look up these other websites for you to check up on additional facts about the beautiful and rare Cleveland Bay Horse breed:

Happy riding!


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