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Keystone Stables Book One
Best Seller Book One

A HORSE TO LOVE, the first book in the Keystone Stables Series by Zonderkidz, is a best seller. Skye Nicholson, a wild foster kid, hates everyone and everything in life until she meets Champ, a sorrel Quarter Horse at Keystone Stables, a foster home and special needs riding academy owned by Christians, Tom and Eileen Chambers. Skye learns to show Champ, and together they make quite a team.

Keystone Stables Book 2
Keystone Stables Book 2

ON THE VICTORY TRAIL, the second Keystone Stables book, introduces Skye’s best friend, Sooze, a wild kid, who comes to live at Keystone Stables. Sooze has her own ideas about what’s cool in life, including not taking advice from anyone, even when trying to ride a horse. But then Sooze has to face a brain tumor, and she and Skye learn all about God’s love.


Southern Belle's Special Gift
Southern Belle’s Special Gift

SOUTHERN BELLE’S SPECIAL GIFT: Skye and Morgan have their hands full trying to share God’s love with Tanya Bell, and African-American girl and a runaway who becomes a foster kid at Keystone Stables. Tanya is a veteran shoplifter. But when one of the mares dies giving birth to a foal, Tanya is transformed, and while taking care of the foal, she learns about God and starts to grow up.

Summer Camp Adventure - Skye is a junior counselor at a special needs camp
Summer Camp Adventure

SUMMER CAMP ADVENTURE: Skye and her friend Chad work as teen counselors at Camp Tioga, a special needs summer camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania. One of the young campers who is deaf, Jonathan Martin, causes havoc no matter where he is or what he’s doing at the camp. Skye, who has taken a crash course in American Sign Language, tries her best to communicate with him. But when Jonathan and his horse Buddy disappear into the hills, Skye and Chad must lead the rescue to find them.

Keystone Stables Book Number Five - Blind Katie wants to learn to barrel race!
Keystone Stables Book Number Five

LEADING THE WAY: Skye finds her faith and patience tested as she, Chad, and Morgan teach riding lessons to four special needs children, including Katie Thomas, who is blind. Upset about her parents’ pending divorce, Katie is withdrawn and bitter at God and the world. With faith and friendship, Skye tries her best to show Katie that her parents – and God – will always love her, no matter what. But will Skye’s efforts be good enough?

Blue Ribbon Champ - Skye faces a big test!
Blue Ribbon Champ

BLUE RIBBON CHAMP: Skye’s foster parents have opened up Keystone Stables to four special needs kids for the summer, and Skye will help to mentor them. However, Skye becomes annoyed with one of the students, Joey Klingerman, a friendly Down syndrome teen who takes a liking to Skye right away. She’s both embarrassed and furious when he calls her his girlfriend, and she treats him harshly when others aren’t around. But when Joey’s horse comes up lame on the day of the horse show, Skye is faced with a big decision: will she continue to push him away or show him God’s love?

Whispering Hope - Book 7. Keystone Stables
Whispering Hope

WHISPERING HOPE: Dad Chambers bought a wild pinto mustang, Rebel, at the auction, and the horse seems to live up to his name. When Skye and Chad attempt to train Rebel, their horse-whispering techniques fail, and Skye feels like giving up. While Skye is focused on Rebel, a new foster girl, Wanda Stallord, moves into Keystone Stables, and she is determined to make life miserable for everyone. A gangbanger from the inner city, Wanda has chosen the lesser of two evils—to live at Keystone Stables for a year instead of being sent to a detention center. She is rebellious and constantly rejects Skye’s attempts to help her. Through prayer and tough love, Skye uses what’s she’s learned at Keystone to not only connect with Rebel, but also to share God’s love with Wanda and win her as a friend.

The Long Ride Home - Foster kid Skye hunts for her real parents
The Long Ride Home

THE LONG RIDE HOME: Skye is happy living at Keystone Stables with her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chambers, but she often wonders what her mom and dad are like or if they’re even alive. Some of her questions are answered when, while on a trip to a horse competition in South Carolina with the Chambers and Morgan, Skye meets an aunt she never knew she had. Millie Nicholson Eister helps Skye begin her search for her parents, whom Skye has not seen since she was a toddler.

5 thoughts on “Keystone Stables Books

  1. I have the 2nd Book ” ON THE VICTORY TRAIL”. That is a good book, but at the end it’s really sad. My Cousin, Leah Nelson has the whole series, and that’s how I found out about the books! They are great. My Cousin Leah’s, sister, Katie loves them, and so do I!

  2. Hi Marsha 🙂
    i’m a huge fan love the full series of Keystone Stables. I read almost all of them i just need to read book four. I was wondering can you please continue the series its just so interesting and i wonered wht will happen to Skye. PLEASE and Thank You.
    Lots of love and blessings from God.

  3. I have all the keystone books, and they are all soo awesome! I wish she could make more! every time I finish the series, and I have read it a lot, I almost cry because it is so good.

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