Today’s Horse Facts: The Horse Trailer


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Do you know that there are different kinds of horse trailers? If so, do you know what kind you have? The first horse trailers were said to be horse-drawn ambulances created by city fire departments to take their wounded.

There are many different designs of horse trailers ranging in size from small units capable of holding two or three horses (able to be pulled by a pickup truck or even a SUV) to gooseneckhorse trailer 2 designs that carry six to eight horses, usually pulled by one-ton dually-style pickups to large semi-trailers that can haul a significant number of animals.

horse trailer 3A “stock trailer” is your basic run-of-the-mill trailer for hauling livestock. It is usually completely open inside without anything to separate the horses There are not drop down windows; rather there are always open “slats” near the top of the trailer. Your typical stock trailer can accommodate three to four horses. They aren’t as comfortable for the horse as some of the other trailers on the market because the floors are usually not quite as thick or impact resistant.

The “two-horse straight load” trailers were very popular before the “slant load” trailers came out. Two horse straight loads are basically large enough to accommodate two horses loaded straight with a “manger” area for feed and small open-able doors to access this trailer 4 They may or may not have “under manger tack storage” or escape doors. Horses are typically not as comfortable riding in a straight load trailer as in a “slant load” trailer.

The “slant load” trailer is the most common trailer on the market today. They come in everything from two to 10+ horse lengths and are either horse trailer 5“bumper pull” or “gooseneck,” depending upon the size. Horses are much more comfortable in slant load trailers because the stop-and-go and turning isn’t as difficult to balance for in a slant load. A slant load will typically have “drop down feed doors” where you can access your horses head from the side of the trailer as well as partitions that swing between horses to separate them.

Now do you know what kind of trailer you have to transport your horse? For more information about the kinds of horse trailer check out these websites.

(All information in this blog is referenced from the above websites)

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