Today’s Horse Facts: Why Do Girls Love Horses?

Why do girls love horses so much? I have two theories.


August 15, 2015

Why Do Girls Love Horses?

Here are some horse facts for you that really are nothing more than my personal opinions.

I was born with a silver spur in my mouth. As long as I can remember, I have loved horses and everything about them. I even love the smell of them, including their manure. (It’s a much sweeter smell than other animals’ droppings. Only a hopeless horse lover who’s got horse blood in her veins would truly understand.)

I often have wondered why such a high percentage of us girls love horses so much. Even into our teen years and adulthood, we females have a love for the equine sect that sometimes borders on irrational behavior.

I’ve come up with two theories, which I’ll now allow you to ponder. If you’re a female and a horse lover, choose the one that best suits your innermost desire to be in the presence of one of God’s most beautiful creations—the horse:

Theory Number One: It all started with Adam and Eve. We gals know the trouble began when Eve ate the forbidden fruit and then took control of the situation by controlling Adam. “Love me or I’ll leave you and go live with Mr. and Mrs. Ape!”

barrel racing 1Well, he loved her by joining in the sin of disobedience, thus, casting all of the human race into turmoil.

From Eve right down to modern you and me, we gals have an inborn desire to control someone or something bigger than ourselves. We can’t blame God for this because He never wired us to sin; we chose, rather, to use his gifts of foresight and organizational skills to tell everyone what to do and to control the situation. (Our husbands and other guys really don’t get this “plan ahead” thing, do they?) Usually, these gifts help control situations as long as we gals handle them with wisdom; otherwise, we’re branded as “bossy know-it-alls.”

So, as little girls, we’ve looked at horses as something “bigger than ourselves” that need us to care for them, to love them, and to control them so they don’t go charging full steam ahead into the barn wall. The feeling of power that sweeps over a gal as she sits in the saddle and puts those reins in her hands is something quite hard to Australian Pony 3explain. Somehow, the horse knows that we’re in control and complies. And we female equestrians enjoy every minute of ruling over that powerful animal with no guilt trip whatsoever like we suffer when we try to rule over our husbands, boyfriends, dads, or brothers. (Or the pastor? Yikes!) There certainly IS a place in the universe for us females to back off. Working with a horse is not one of them, so yank those reins, baby!

Theory Number Two: We females love horses because they are, in my opinion, God’s most beautiful, gorgeous, stupendous, heart-melting, and fascinating creatures. Except for those pesky men who still want us to let them hold the reins. Even in our teen years when our emotions and sensitivities come alive, we might value a ride in the woods with our beloved horse just as much as a date with Mr. Sixteen-Year-Old Handsome. It’s a mystery that no one’s ever been able to solve. Most girls are attracted to horses like horse shoes are to magnets.

So, gals, keep on loving those equines. Life is much richer by far if you have a horse in your life.

Plastic Horse Model and Wooden Buggy & Horse Model
Plastic Horse Model
and Wooden Buggy & Horse Model

Marsha Hubler, best-selling author of the Keystone Stables Series


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