Today’s Horse Facts: The Zorse

zorse 2


Have you ever heard about the zorse? If so have you ever seen one? A zorse is a zebroid which is a category of zebra hybrid that is not as well-known as common hybrids like the mule. The most common type of zebroid is the zorse; a zebra-horse cross species.

The zorse is the product of a male zebra mating with a horse mare. The breeding of these two species goes back to the 19th century when it was first recorded by naturalist Charles Darwin. The size of the zorse depends on the breed of zebra used in breeding. The zorse can be from the size of a pony to the size of a horse.zorse 3

The stripes on the zorse usually only cover part of the back and legs of the zorse. Zorses usually don’t have long manes. Their manes may either fall along their neck like their horse mothers or it can stand up along the neck like their zebra fathers.

Zorses enjoy open areas much more than a purebred horse. While most horses exhibit occasional bursts of energy, they generally tend to be laid back. Zorses, much like zebras, are much more animated and do a lot of running when out in the open.

zorseZorses also tend to have a more muscle mass than purebred horses, making them more sturdy for riding and handling.

I have actually seen a zorse at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and if you haven’t seen a zorse first hand you definitely should! They are beautiful and interesting animals that are a lot of fun to see.
Now do you know what a zorse is? For more fun information about the amazing zorse, check out these websites.

(All information in this blog is referenced from the above websites)

Happy riding!


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