Today’s Horse Facts: the Horse Blanket

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Since its cold outside, do you have a blanket to keep your horse warm? Do you know what kind of blanket to use at what temperature? A horse blanket or rug is a blanket or animal coat for keeping a horses warm or protected from wind and other weather elements. They are made to fit around a horse’s body from chest to rump, with straps crossing underneath the belly to secure the blanket yet allowing the horse to move about freely.

If you’re new to blanketing your horse or plan on purchasing only one turnout blanket, choose a medium or mid-weight blanket. Heavyweight blankets can be too warm during certain weather (like a sunny day) and lightweight blankets might not provide enough warmth. There are three different kinds of turnout blankets to use for different temperatures.

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  • Lightweight turnouts from some manufacturers have 100 grams (3.5274 ounces) of fill in the center; other manufacturers refer to their turnout sheets as lightweights. Many people rely on lightweight turnouts with 100 grams of fill for months when the weather is just starting to cool or warm up in spring. They offer some level of warmth that turnout sheets without fill cannot provide. Lightweight turnouts are usually used between 40 and 50 degrees.
  • Mid-weight or medium weight turnouts have 180 to 200 grams (6.34931 to 7.05479 ounces) of fill. Many horses do well with a medium or mid-weight blanket. Mid-Weight turnouts are usually used between 20 and 40 degrees.
  • Heavy weight turnouts typically have 300 to 440 grams (10.5822 to 15.5205 ounces) of fill. They may be critical for use on a fully clipped horse and for extreme cold weather conditions. However, the warmth they provide may be too much for some horses in some conditions. Heavyweight turnouts are typically used at 19 degrees or below.

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Do you know what kind of blanket you have for your horse? To learn more about horse blankets, visit these sites.

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(All information in this blog is referenced from the above websites and magazine article)

Happy riding!


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