Today’s Horse Facts: The Camargue

Camargue 1


The Camargue is an ancient breed of horse indigenous to the Camargue area in southern France. Its origins remain relatively unknown, although it is generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. For centuries, possibly thousands of years, these small horses have lived wild in the harsh environment of the Camargue marshes and wetlands of the Rhone Delta in France. Let’s see how you do in today’s T/F quiz:

  1. Since 2003, three registration categories exist to identify Camargue horses.
  2. They are born with a hair that is completely white.
  3. The Camargue stands 53-59 inches.
  4. At the age of two, the Camargue horses are corralled and trained.
  5. When the foals are one year old, they are branded, bearing the mark of their owner and separated from their mother.
  6. The Camargue horses have a calm temperament.
  7. The Camargue horses are used for a variety of equestrian games.
  8. The Camargue horse species has been officially recognized by the National Stud Farms since March 17, 1968.
  9. A Camargue horse weighs 770 to 1,100 lbs.

10.   Some researchers believe the Camargue are descended from the ancient Solutré horse.

Camargue 2

Let me know if you got at least eight of these questions correct. If so, then you are a Camargue Horse expert! Here are the answers:

  1. T
  2. F    They are born with dark brown or black hair, and as they mature their hair becomes lighter and whiter until it is completely white.
  3. T
  4. F   At the age of three, the Camargue horses are corralled and trained.
  5. T
  6. T
  7. T
  8. F  The Camargue horse species has been officially recognized by the National Stud Farms since March 17, 1978.
  9. T
  10. T


Well, do you know your horse facts about Camargue Horses? If you want to learn more, look up these other websites for you to check up on additional facts about the beautiful Camargue Horse breed:

(All information in this blog is referenced from the above websites)

Happy riding!


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