Horse Facts by Marsha Hubler

Today’s Horse Facts: Horse Riding Safety


Do you think horseback riding is fun?

Horse riding can be a safe and extremely fun hobby when you take steps to minimize risks. As with any of the most enjoyable activities in life, it’s impossible to eliminate all risks. But by educating yourself to horse riding safety, the possibility of your getting hurt can be greatly reduced.

Inexperienced riders should get lessons from a professional. Riding lessons can be somewhat expensive but well worth it for increased riding safety. You can reduce the cost by finding a lesson partner on your own skill level. Many instructors offer smaller rates for groups of two or more students. An ARIA Certified Riding Instructor is best.

Always wear a fitted equestrian riding helmet. Equestrian helmets are different from bicycle helmet because they are designed for impact to the back of the head instead of front or side injuries which bicycle helmets are designed for. The majority of head injuries from horse riding accidents are to the back of the head.

Leave a map of your route when riding out on trail and the approximate time you will return. That way the folks back home will know when to start worrying and where to look if you are overdue. Always ride out with a buddy. As an extra precaution carry a cell phone or two-way radio, just in case.

It’s easy when you’re plodding along, chatting to your riding buddies on a beautiful day on the trail, to forget you’re supposed to be actively “riding” your horse. You may become a bit of a back-seat passenger. This can be very dangerous as your reaction time will be delayed. Stay alert and attentive at all times while riding. Don’t be tense. Your horse can sense that, but constantly be aware of the environment: your riding surface, your side vision, your distance in relationship to other riders, your horse’s responses to your cues, and so on. You should be as alert as if you would (or should be) driving a car.

So have fun riding your horse, but be extra cautious and stay safe!

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Happy riding!


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