Today’s Horse Facts: The Brumby

Today’s Horse Facts: The Brumby



(All facts taken from the websites cited at the end of the post) 

I knew about the Brumby horse a little. I think I saw a special on TV about this amazing little horse from Australia. The Man from Snowy River movies also had a connection with Brumbies. How about you? Have you ever heard of a Brumby?

Let’s take our T/F quiz and and see how much you do know about the Brumby:

  1. The first horses are known to have arrived in Australia in 1788.
  2. The Brumby is a feral horse, which means it runs wild.
  3. It is believed the Brumby is named after James Brumby, a horse breeder and farrier.
  4. This breed was originally used for racing and jumping.
  5. They became feral by escaping from poor fencing and by just being let run free.
  6. This breed is mostly between 16 and 16.2 hands high.
  7. Today this breed is used as work horses only.
  8. Unfortunately, they are considered environmental pests by many folks in Australia.
  9. It is sad to say that many Brumbies are shot to control their population.
  10. The best-known Brumbies are found in the Australian Alps in southeastern Australia.

Here are the answers to today’s horse facts quiz. Let’s see how you did:


  1. T
  2. T
  3. T
  4. F   Brumbies were used for farm work and transporting.
  5. T
  6. F  There is no standard of color, size, or confirmation because of inbreeding with different breeds of horses.
  7. F  They are also show horses, trail horses, pleasure horses, and stock horses.
  8. T
  9. T
  10. T

So, did you know anything at all about the Brumby? If you’d like to learn more about this beautiful horse breed, go to:

Happy riding!



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