Today’s Horse Facts: Fans – Carolyn and Laura Baloga

An update from Carolyn Baloga tells us she’s still crazy about the Keystone Stables books. To learn more about her and her sister Laura, to to the right column to the search button and type in Carolyn Baloga!


Today’s Horse FactsSuper Keystone Stables Fans: Carolyn and Laura Baloga

An Update

Today we have two sisters who love horses. The sisters’ names are Carolyn and Laura Baloga.I met Carolyn and Laura at the huge homeschool curriculum fair in Harrisburg two years ago, I believe. They are BIG Keystone Stables fans. Carolyn says she doesn’t have a horse, but she collects horse figurines. She says she has about seven so far. When she starts riding horses, she’d like to start with a pony because the big horses are too far from the ground.

Carolyn’s sister Laura says that there are five girls and one boy in her family. She likes to read the American girl books. She hasn’t started reading the Keystone Stables books yet, but she’s already a big fan because her sister and cousin told her what the books are about.

Recently Carolyn contacted me and asked if I’d update her information on here. I also asked her for another picture. So here’s what’s the latest with Carolyn and her sister Laura.
“I am 13 and Laura is 11.  Of course, we are homeschooled. I am in 7th grade and Laura is in 6th grade. We also do standardized tests in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade. (I’ll be doing my last one next year). My favorite Keystone Stables book is Blue Ribbon Champ because it has funny parts in it.” Carolyn also says she like the second book, On the Victory Trail, because the main character Skye accepts Christ into her life. She and her sister  love horses so much they have  a lot of horse books. Her favorite color is purple, and her sister’s favorite color is red. Carolyn also sent me some pictures of herself and her favorite animal after a horse: a cat. She loves kittens, as you will see in the pictures below.

Thanks, Carolyn,  for letting us know what’s going on in your life.

On the Victory Trail
On the Victory Trail


Keystone Stables book 6


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