Today’s Horse Facts: The Camarillo White Horse

The Camarillo White is a rare beautiful breed you’ve probably seen in the Rose Parade.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Camarillo White Horse



(All facts taken from the websites cited at the end of the post)


The Camarillo White Horse is a breed that I’d never heard of before I saw information about it on the Internet. Now that I know a little about the breed, I realize I’ve seen them on TV, but I never knew what breed they were. And what a gorgeous, fascinating breed it is. Have you ever heard of a Camarillo? Let’s see if you can ace our ten-question T/F quiz:

  1. The first Camarillo White Horse was a Spanish Mustang stud named Sultan.
  2. The breed is less than 50 years old.
  3. A man  named Adolfo Camarillo from California developed the breed.
  4. The man Camarillo crossbred his Spanish Mustang Sultan with Morgans.
  5. The Camarillo White is born black and turns white with age.
  6. Until 1987, Camarillo Whites were owned only by the Camarillo family.
  7. True white is a very difficult and rare color to achieve, as statistically there is only a 50% chance of producing living white offspring from any given mating, regardless of the color of the other parent.
  8. In 1991, there were only 60 Camarillos left.
  9. In 1992, the Camarillo White Horse Association was formed.
  10. Camarillos appear regularly in famous events like the Rose Bowl Parade.

Here are the answers to today’s horse facts quiz. Let’s see how you did:

  1. T
  2. F  It’s less than 100 years old.
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F  It is born white and has a pink skin; it stays white its entire life.
  6. T
  7. T
  8. F  In 1991 there were only 11 Camarillos left.
  9. T
  10. T

To learn more about this beautiful unusual breed, visit:

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