Today’s Horse Facts: The Norwegian Fjord

The Norwegian Fjord is an amazing little horse.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Norwegian Fjord

Fjord Stallion

What do you know about the Norwegian Fjord horse? I must admit that I knew almost nothing about this husky breed except that they were from Norway (Duh, that’s a no-brainer), and when I had seen pictures of them, I concluded that these stout little rascals look like they could live in the harshest of winter climates. After doing a little research about these horses, I found that my assumption is absolutely correct. But let’s take our little T/F quiz and see how much you know about this interesting horse.

  1. Most Norwegian Fjords are no taller than about 14.5 hands
  2. The breed is believed to be domesticated for at least 4000 years.
  3. The Vikings used this breed for war horses.
  4. They’ve been used for hundreds of years in Norway’s mountainous regions as farm horses.
  5. This breed comes in all shades of brown.
  6. Since these horses are so small, they’re used mostly for kids’ pony rides.
  7. A defining feature of this breed is their thin arched neck.
  8. Feathering on the feet is a desirable trait for registered Fjords.
  9. Although some Fjords might look “black,” they are still considered duns.
  10. You can only find Fjords in Norway.

Here are the answers. I’ll be surprised if you get five correct. I probably would have gotten one or two correct:

  1. T   But there is no set limit on how short or tall a Fjord may be.
  2. T
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F  They are only the dun color, but it can be any of five different shades of dun.
  6. F  They are sturdy and muscular and can pull heavy loads.
  7. F  This breed has a very thick muscular neck.
  8. F  Feathering is not encouraged in breeding circles.
  9. T  They are called greys or smokey blacks.
  10. F  This breed is found all over the world, including Canada and the USA.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating horse breed, look up these other websites to check on additional facts:

Next time we’ll visit the Andalusian breed and learn about a horse that you’ll see in parades all over the world!

Happy riding!


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