Today’s Horse Facts: The Hackney

The Hackney is a high-stepping show horse that turns heads his way.

Today’s Horse Facts: The Hackney


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Now for my horse lovers, today we’re going to look at the Hackney, a nifty little driving horse that has a long history. So let’s learn some facts about this breed as you take your ten-question quiz. Ready?  Let’s see how much you know about this little guy.

  1. This little horse is known as “the high-stepping aristocrat of the show ring.”
  2. The first Hackney was bred in Norfolk, England, around 1760.
  3. This breed is a cross between Norfolk Trotters and the Thoroughbred.
  4. The first Hackneys came to America in the early 1900s.
  5. Hackneys come in any color or combination of color.
  6. The most noticeable trait of this breed is its short stocky build.
  7. A Hackney Horse must be at least 15.2 hands; a Hackney Pony is shorter than that.
  8. Most Hackney Horses compete in dressage.
  9. The Roadster Hackney has two trotting speeds: the jog and the gait.
  10.  Harness Hackneys pull carts with two wheels.

 Have you ever ridden or driven a Hackney? Have you ever seen one in action? I haven’t done either, (except I’ve seen them on TV), but I sure would love to see them up close.

If you got at least eight of these questions correct, I would say you know quite a bit about this fantastic little breed. Here are the answers:

  1. T
  2. T
  3. T/F? One source says a cross between ponies and Thoroughbreds; another source says a cross between different ponies.
  4. F  They came here in the late 1800s, around 1878.
  5. F  They are usually solid colors of black, brown, bay, or chestnut with only a white strip on the face or white socks. However, if the horse has the sabino gene, it can have white markings on its body; but full pinto and appaloosa coloring is not desirable.
  6.  F  The Hackney’s defining trait is its high stepping front legs.
  7.  F  A Hackney horse must be taller than 14.2 hands; the Hackney Pony is shorter.
  8. T
  9. F  The Roadster Hackney has three trotting speeds: the jog, the road gait, and “at speed.”
  10. F  The carts have four wheels.

 If you want to learn more about this gorgeous little driving AND riding breed, visit these websites to check on additional facts:

Happy riding!


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