Today’s Horse Facts: The Thoroughbred

Thoroughbreds are known as race horses.


Today’s Horse Facts:  The Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred Mare


First of all, I want to welcome any LOVES OF SNYDER COUNTY SERIES Amish/Mennonite fiction fans to this site. I have a page on this site dedicated to the readers of my series. We’ll discuss interesting facts about the Amish and Mennonite folks, including their favorite dishes, how they spend their free time, quilting bees, and the types of horses they like to own.

Speaking of horses, today we’re going to look at the Thoroughbred breed, which, along with the Standardbred, is a popular breed used by the Amish. So let’s learn some facts about this popular breed of horse, usually known as a race horse, as you take your ten-question quiz. Ready?  Here we go.

  1. All modern Thoroughbreds’ roots come from five different stallions sent to England from the Middle East at the turn of the 18th Century.
  2. The original horses that started the Thoroughbred breed were mostly Arabian.
  3. Thoroughbreds are known as “hot bloods,” which means their energetic and highly sensitive.
  4. Over 100,000 Thoroughbred foals are registered worldwide every ten years.
  5. This breed’s average height is 16 hands.
  6. This breed’s color can be any combination including pinto.
  7. The most unique characteristic of this breed is its long legs.
  8. The United States is number one worldwide in breeding Thoroughbreds.
  9. Thoroughbreds are used exclusively for racing.

10.  One of the most famous race horses of all times was Secretariat.


Secretariat in the 1973 Kentucky Derby

Let me know if you got at least eight of these questions correct. If so, then you are a Thoroughbred expert! Here are the answers:

  1.  F  The Thoroughbred came from three different horses from the Middle East at the turn of the 18th Century.
  2.  F  About 50% of the foundation horses were Arabian. The others were Turkoman and Barb.
  3. T
  4.  F  Over 100,000 Thoroughbred foals are registered every year.
  5. 5.   T
  6.  F  Thoroughbreds can be any solid colors, including palomino, roan, and white, which is rare but acceptable. However, pinto colors are not acceptable.
  7. T.
  8. T.
  9. F  They compete in dressage, show jumping, steeple chasing, barrel racing, and other competitions worldwide.

   10  T   He is considered to be one of the greatest Thoroughbreds of all time, ranking second behind Man o’ War in The Blood-Horse‘s List of the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century.

 If you want to learn more about the fascinating and popular Thoroughbred breed, visit these other websites to check on additional facts:

Next time, we’ll take a look at another breed of horse that turns heads when he prances by: the American Saddle Horse.

Happy riding!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Horse Facts: The Thoroughbred

  1. I used to own a Thoroughbred named Stella. She was chestnut in color and a beautiful mover. I definitely agree with your third fact about these horses being highly energetic and sensitive. Obviously this is part of the reason why they are good race horses. Also not everyone recognizes that these horses can also be great jumpers and eloquent movers in addition to their popularity on the race track. Thanks for taking the time to provide everyone with a bit of background!

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