Today’s Horse Facts: The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic Horse is not considered a pony even though it’s never taller than about 13 hands.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Icelandic Horse


Adorable Brown Icelandic Horse

If you as a true blue horse lover want a rough and ready type horse that will take you through the blizzards of the north or the rustic back woods of any countryside, then you need to go find yourself an Icelandic Horse.

An Icelandic Horse? What in the world is an Icelandic Horse?

Obviously, it has to be a horse from Iceland, right?

Well, you’re partially right. This amazing little horse has some of its roots in Iceland; however, it has become popular all over the world, not just in Iceland. Now, let’s take our T/F quiz and see how much you know about this unusual breed:

  1. The Icelandic Horse is one of the newest equine breeds in the world.
  2. The Vikings migrated the Icelandic Horse to Iceland around 500 BC.
  3.  The Icelandic Horse is considered a pony.
  4.  This breed is ideal for children.
  5.  This horse comes only in dark browns and blacks.
  6. This horse starts at 13 hands and larger.
  7. Because of the harsh conditions in which they live, these horses only live about fifteen years.
  8. Because of its stocky build, this horse has a bumpy trot like a pony.
  9. This breed is popular in the United States with thousands and thousands of registries.
  10. An “Icelandic Horse” saddle resembles a western saddle.
Handsome White Icelandic Horse


  1.  F  There are records about them from as early as 1000 years back.
  2.  F   The Vikings brought this horse to Iceland between 860 and 935 AD.
  3.  F  The Icelandic Horse is just that, a small but mighty horse.
  4.  F   This breed is too high spirited for children.
  5.  F   It comes in any color or combination of colors.
  6.  F   It can’t be larger than 13.1 hands.
  7. F   They have a long life expectancy, two of the oldest being recorded at 42 and 56 years old.
  8. F    This breed has a smooth four-beated gait called a “tolt.”
  9. F    It is considered a rare breed in the U.S. with only about 2000 registries.
  10. F    An “Icelandic Horse” saddle is very similar to an English saddle or a dressage saddle; however, the seat and girth sit further back on the horse.

Yep, in case you didn’t notice, all the answers are false. Now come on, admit that you didn’t know all these facts about the amazing little Icelandic Horse. It would be a thrill to see one, pet one, and ride one, wouldn’t it?

Let’s have three cheers for this little tough guy, the Icelandic Horse. If you want to learn more about this special breed, check out more information at these websites:

Next time we’ll take a ride on one of my favorite breeds, the Tennessee Walker.

Happy riding!


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