Today’s Horse Facts: The Friesian

The Friesian is a unique horse breed that must be black to be registered.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Friesian

Gorgeous Friesian Stallion
Friesians? What in the world are Friesians? Aren’t they the Amish folks who live down the road on route 522?

I wonder how many non-horse admirers even know that there is a gorgeous breed of equines known as Friesians. I am quite sure that you, as a horse lover, know all about Friesians and would probably love to own one. Maybe you do own one. If you do, you are quite fortunate to have a horse from this very special breed.

Let’s see how well you know the Friesian. Here is your ten-question T/F quiz:

  1. The Friesian is a breed that served knights during the Middle Ages.
  2. It’s one of Europe’s oldest breeds, originating in the Netherlands.
  3. The Friesian Horse Assoc. of  N. America was formed in the 1920s.
  4. There are about 15,000 registered Friesians in N. America.
  5. This draft-type horse is used mostly for driving and shown in carriage classes.
  6. A registered Friesian can be black or brown.
  7. Friesians are powerful animals usually 15 to 17 hands tall.
  8. Friesians have “feathered” feet that are not shaven to show.
  9. This breed is sometimes known as Netherlands Blacks.
  10. This breed has a calm, steady, and gentle personality.


What a Hunk!

Here are the answers to today’s horse facts quiz. Let’s see how you did:

  1. T
  2. T
  3. F  The Friesian Horse Assoc. of  N. America wasn’t formed until 1984.
  4. F  There are about 8,000 registered Friesians in N. America.
  5. F  Friesians are shown in dressage, driving, saddle seat, western pleasure, and even jumping.
  6. F  Registered Friesians must be black with only a star of white allowed on their forehead.
  7. T
  8. T
  9. F  They are known as Belgian Blacks.
  10. T

How did you do with today’s quiz? Do you know all about Friesians? Have you ever ridden a Friesian? Have you ever owned one? Wow! I’d love to just touch one! I’ve never been close to a Friesian. Aren’t they gorgeous?

To learn more about the breed, visit:

Next time, we’ll take a ride on a Welsh Mountain Pony.

Happy riding!


P.S. Christmas is right around the corner. If you don’t have all 10 of my horse books, do you think it’s a good time to ask your parents now?

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