Today’s Horse Facts: The Arabian

Arabian horses are known as “The China Dolls” of the equine kingdom.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Arabian

Gorgeous Arabian "Grey"

I suppose every horse lover in the world has at one time or another wanted to own an Arabian because of the breed’s pure beauty. Although most greenhorns might think that all Arabians are white, that is not necessarily the case. But is this horse a stout bulldog type horse or is it a small delicate horse? Do you know? How much do you know about the Arabian? Let’s find out.

Here is your ten-question T/F quiz:

1. The Arabian is known as the “China Doll” of the horse kingdom.

2. The Arabian is the world’s oldest and purest of horse breeds.

3. Bible scholars believe that the Arabian was the breed of horse that God placed in the Garden of Eden.

4. Most Arabians are at least 15 hands high.

5. The Arabian has a dish-faced nose.

6. Its ears are erect and point forward.

7. The breed is only solid colors.

8. A purebred Arabian has to have an under layer of black skin under his coat.

9. Because of the underlying black skin, white Arabians are called “greys.”

10. Most Arabians’ nature is calm and well mannered.

Beautiful Arabian Mare and Filly

Here are the answers to today’s horse facts quiz. Let’s see how you did:

1. T      2. T     3. T     4. F Arabians are usually between 14 and 15 hands. 5. T      6. F Their ears point inward.  7. F They can be all colors.   8. T        9. T      10. F The breed is known for its high spiritedness & skittishness.

Have you ever ridden an Arabian? Have you ever owned one? I owned one for a short time. It was a “grey,” and I had him on a trial basis. The first time I tried to ride him, he went about 100 feet from the barn, reared up, and threw me. I never got on him again but sent him right back to the man who tried to sell him to me. It was too bad that the horse didn’t work out because he was a pretty thing with a dark mane and tail. Here I am on the horse right before he threw me.

Me on My Two-Week Arabian

If you have any horse “tails” about an Arabian, please email me and let me hear the story.

Next time, we’ll take a ride to visit some Friesians.

Happy riding!


P.S. Christmas is right around the corner. If you don’t have all 10 of my horse books, do you think it’s a good time to ask your parents now?

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