Today’s Horse Facts: The Curly Horse

Curly Horses are a fascinating breed with tight curly hair.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Curly


Precious Curly Baby

Okay, horse lover, yank on your riding boots and let’s take a ride past a Curly Horse farm.

A Curly?

You mean there is actually a breed of horse called a “Curly?” Yup, there is, and in plain straight horse facts, this breed is “cute.”

I knew nothing about this breed except its name, so I would have flunked my own T/F quiz. If you get more than seven of these correct, then you can give yourself a medal for being “horse facts smart!”

Are you ready to take the quiz about this amazing breed? Let’s go!


  1. The official name of the breed is the North American Curly Horse.
  2. The tight curly coat of this breed is hypoallergenic, so people with hair allergies can still own and ride them.
  3. Curlies come in any size and color.
  4. A distinct way of identifying a Curly is to look for tight curly hair inside its ears.
  5. The Curly has been documented as early as the 1700s in
    Pinto Curly Horse


  6. The Curlies’ hooves are so durable, they only need shoeing for long distances on hard roads or rocky terrain.
  7. The Curly’s temperament is calm and can be trained for different classes to show.
  8. This breed has a long stride, which makes it comfortable to ride.
  9. The Curlies’ manes are often “double-maned,” which means they hang down both sides of the neck.
  10. Curlies’ hair can be spun into yarn.



Gently Curly Horse
Beautiful Sorrel Curly





Answers to the quiz: Believe it or not, all the answers are true! Yup!

So, how did you do today, horse lover? Did you flunk like I did? You didn’t cheat and go look at some websites about Curly Horses before reading this blog, did you?

Isn’t this breed fascinating? I have never seen a Curly in person, but I sure would like to. How about you? Let me know if you’ve ever seen one.

For more information about the Curly Horse, go to

Next time, we’ll take a ride to a farm where they work with Mustangs.

Happy riding!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Horse Facts: The Curly Horse

  1. i own horses(quarter horses) and i have always looked at his breed in kind of a pony size for my 3 year old baby cousin. i want to know if their temperament is good and is good and if a 3 year old can control this breed?

    1. Just like any breed some of them are good kid horses and some are not. I have a 3 year old curly and I wouldn’t let my 3 year old kid work with him, But the momma of my 3 year old curly is 17 and loves kids and is an excellent baby sitter. So like any breed you have to do your research and find the right horse for your situation. But from all my experience with curly’s I would guess that they would be the best for what your looking for.

  2. The original name for the breed is American Bashkir Curly Horse, given to the breed by the folks who formed the parent registry – the American Bashkir Curly Registry. The label North American Curly Horse came along after another registry was began by some folks who wanted to outcross Curlies to other breeds. That registry is International Curly Horse Organization (ICHO) and calls the breed North American Curlies. Any horse with a curly coat may be registered with ICHO, regardless of their parentage, and whether it be known or unknown. Curly horses registered with ABCR are DNA tested for parent verification, and pedigrees are important to many breeders and buyers. Many of the excellent qualities of the Curly can be changed by outcrossing – as with any outcrossing in any species – so yes, there are varying degrees of the different qualities found in a horse with a curly coat. Outcrossing might be desired to produce a certain type of horse (endurance, jumper etc) with a hypoallergenic coat, however it also allows the input of other characteristics to come through on the offspring that are not normally found in Curlies. Every horse is different, and there is a great range of types available in this rare breed. Research and spending time with Curlies will give one an idea of the type they wish to have. Happy trails!

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