Today’s Horse Facts: The Haflinger

The Haflinger is a versatile breed that is usually a tan, golden, or chocolate color with flaxen mane and tail.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Haflinger


Well, how did you do on the blog’s quiz last time about the Rocky Mountain Horse? Do you think you’ll do better this time? Let’s see how much you know about a breed that everyone usually DOESN’T talk about: the Haflinger.

Here is your 10-question quiz. Ready? Get a paper and pencil, and let’s go. And no peeking at the answers until you’ve answered all 10 questions:

  1. The Haflinger breed is native to the country ofAustria.
  2. The Haflinger came to the United States in the 1850s.
  3. This breed is known as a draft horse.
  4. This breed is only one color, different shades of chestnut (including liver) or gold with flaxen mane and tail.
  5. It was named after a family that lived inAustria.
  6. Haflingers have nice dispositions and are easy to train.
  7. Haflingers are sturdy horses no more than 15 hands high.
  8. This breed has large eyes and a muscular body.
  9. Haflingers are the second fastest growing breed in the USA today next to the Pinto.
  10. It is desirable for a Haflinger to have white legs.

So,  how do you think you did? Did you even know there was a breed named the Haflinger? I did, but I didn’t know much about it until I did some reading on the breed. Isn’t it a gorgeous breed? And so versatile. I’d love to see one in person. How about you?

 Here are the answers to the True/False quiz:

  1. T
  2. F  The Haflinger came to the USA in the 1950s.
  3. F  This breed can be ridden in dressage, can jump, can be driven, and can trail ride.
  4. T
  5. F  The breed is named after the village of Hafling in the Tyrolean Mountains of Austria and Italy.
  6. T
  7. T
  8. T
  9. F  The Haflinger is the fastest growing breed in the USA today.
  10. F  Below the knee socks are acceptable; however, in competition, points are deducted for more than one white leg.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the Gypsy Vanner horse.

Happy riding!


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