Today’s Horse Facts: The Rocky Mountain Horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a small, sturdy breed that can trail ride or do dressage because of its gait.


Today’s Horse Facts: What is a Rocky Mountain Horse?


Handsome Rocky Mountain Horse

Let’s see how well you know your horse breeds. Over the past few months, I’ve talked about different horse breeds including ones I’ve owned and some that I’ve not even touched but only dreamed about.

For a while we’re going to have some fun while we learn horse facts about different breeds. I’m going to choose some at random, which I might have already discussed in past blogs, so if you’re smart as a whip, (but not one you’d EVER use on a horse), you’ll look up a past blog to see if you really do know a certain horse breed that I might have already discussed.

This time, and for the next few blogs, I’m going to give you a 10-question TRUE/FALSE quiz about a certain breed. You can write T and F on a paper for the 10 questions; then you can check the answers, which I’ll post at the bottom of the blog.

 Today’s horse facts quiz is about the Rocky Mountain Horse. So let’s see how well you know this breed. And no peeking at the answers until you’ve finished the quiz:



  1. The Rocky Mountain Horse originated in the Appalachian Plateau of KY, TN, GA, and AL.
  2. This horse is a tall horse, standing at least 16 hands.
  3. This horse comes in all colors.
  4. It can trail ride or be ridden in dressage.
  5. Most of these horses are located in the state of Tennessee.
  6. Its most popular use is for trail riding.
  7. The most common color is chocolate brown with a black mane and tail.
  8. There are almost 5,000 horses registered in the RMHA (Rocky Mt. Horse Association) in KY.
  9. Its calm disposition makes this horse a great therapeutic mount for kids with special needs.
  10. This breed has great endurance for long trail rides and can go up to 100 miles in one day.


Answers to quiz:

1. T                                                                            6.  T

2. F  (14.2 to 16 hands)                                 7.  F   (Flaxen mane and tail)

3. F (No  white above their knees)     8.  F   (Almost 20,000 registered)

4. T                                                                            9.  T

5. F    (Kentucky)                                             10. T

Well, how did you do? If you got at least eight question correct, then I’d consider you a Rocky Mountain Horse know-it-all. Let me know if you got at least eight correct.

My most favorite color for any horse of all times is the chocolate brown with a white or flaxen mane or tail. That color can be called a chocolate palomino. I think the color is so gorgeous, but, you know, I’ve never seen one in person, but would love to.

How about you? Have you ever seen a chocolate palomino in person? Aren’t they absolutely beautiful?

If you’ve ever ridden one or even seen one, please let me know. I’d like to hear your horse facts story.

Happy riding!

Next time, we’ll have a Horse Facts Quiz about the Haflinger breed.

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