Today’s Horse Facts: My Last Two Horses

My last two horses were Pepsi and Coke, two equine hunks.


Today’s Horse Facts: My Last Two Horses: Number 11 and 12

Pepsi and Coke


(SURPRISE! Yes, this post is a week early. But I’m going to a writers’ conference next week and won’t be back until Friday. I’m so busy from now until then that I needed to post this blog today. Enjoy!)

 I guess it’s an old, old well-known saying that all good things must come to an end.

Handsome Pepsi

Despite the fact that I loved horses with every fiber of my being (and still do), in the early 90s, my back started giving me problems, and I had to make the horrible decision to sell my last two horses, Pepsi and Coke. It tore me apart inside, but I realized that I could no longer care for them or ride them as often as I desired. The responsibility for caring for them was falling on my husband’s shoulders, and he, frankly, had no interest in the horses at all. So, I decided to sell them.

First, let me tell you where I got these last two gorgeous equines.

I bought ten-year-old Pepsi from a friend of a friend who had sold me Rex many years back I had learned that a man about 50 miles away had a nice-looking blue roan Walker for sale.

Blue Roan Pinto Pepsi

When I got to the man’s barn, I met “Whiskey” and immediately noticed that he was much, much taller than Rex, whom I had recently put down because of his old age and arthritis. I rode Whiskey on the man’s property with no problem other than needing a small stool to mount. He was a gentle giant, not quite as tall as Susie, the Pinto horse I had for a while, but still pretty tall.

I decided to buy Whiskey, and, as a Christian, I immediately decided that the gelding’s name couldn’t be Whiskey.  No problem. I loved to drink Pepsi, and the two names sounded so similar, I just started calling the horse “Pepsi.” He came to live with us while I looked for another second horse.

QH Coke

The next and last horse I ever bought was a gorgeous well-built palomino Quarter Horse, whose original name I think was Sunny. I bought him from my farrier, who knew I was looking for a well-trained seasoned safe mount. This little registered gelding (I think I had papers on him) had one of the roundest rumps and stockiest builds I had ever seen on a QH, and he was as sweet as he was pretty. Sunny came to live with us, and since my husband and I were always having “cola battles” in our home over which soda was better, Pepsi or Coke, I decided to name my new horse “Coke.”

Several years past with great riding and lots of fun times with these two handsome steeds. But, finally in about 1994, when the day came that I realized the horses had to move on, I sold Pepsi to a close friend who lived a mile away and had extended an invitation for me to ride anytime I wanted. Coke went to other friends of mine with two girls who were learning to ride. They lived about a half hour away, also extending the invitation for me to visit anytime I wanted.

Knowing that both horses went to good homes gave me great comfort as I shed many tears, knowing I’d never own a horse again and probably, because of my back, never ride again either. I sold all my tack and horse gear and sadly closed a chapter of my life that I remember with great fondness to this very day.

Sad as it is to leave my life with horses behind, somehow, I know that someday when I get to heaven, I’ll see the most beautiful horses that were ever created. Whether any of my beloved horses will greet me at heaven’s portals or not, only God knows. But I do know one thing. There will come a time in my home beyond the sky that I will ride again. You can bet your muddy boots on that!

Pepsi & Me; Friend on Coke

Next time, I’m going to start discussing different breeds and their beautiful characteristics.

Happy Writing!


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