Today’s Horse Facts: My Next Two Horses

Susie the Pinto and Snowball the Quarter Horse stayed at my barn for a while,


Today’s Horse Facts: Two Horses That Weren’t Mine

Over the years that I owned horses, my hubby and I also had 11 foster kids live with us. Most of them loved the horses, not quite as much as I did, but, nonetheless, still enjoyed riding them. But shoveling their poop? Not quite so much.

Anyway, one of the horses we had staying with us for a while in the 1980s was a giant of a Pinto horse named Susie. At this point in my poor recollection, (and hubby’s too), we can’t remember if I bought the horse or if a friend had her horse stay with us for a short time while she built a barn at her place. My mind is not clear on that point at all; however, I do remember that Susie, although

My Father with Susie

she was SO big, was just as gentle, and anyone could ride her. In this picture, my father, who was about 5’4” tall, is standing next to Susie, so you can see how big this horse was! No way was she a Quarter Horse. I’m really not sure what bloodline was in her to be so big. We had to turn her sideways on a hill or stand on a bucket to get on her.

The other horse we had for a while in the 80s belonged to one of our foster girls, Sharon from New Jersey, who stayed with us for a short spell. She owned a handsome little white Quarter Horse whose name escapes me at the moment. Snowball comes to mind, but I couldn’t bet any money on that. Sharon’s horse was a nice little

Horses: Susie, Snowball, Rex

mount, friendly and easy going. We enjoyed having him with us for the year that Sharon spent with us. In this picture, Sissy (foster girl) is riding Susie, Sharon is on her horse, and I’m on my beloved Rex, whom I discussed with you in my last blog. (Scroll down to see all of that and more of Rex’s pictures.)

Next time, I’ll show you pictures of my last two horses, Coke and Pepsi.

Happy riding!


P.S. Email me with stories and pictures of your horses.

One thought on “Today’s Horse Facts: My Next Two Horses

  1. I’m anxioius to see pictures of Coke! He was a good old horse. The girls had more fun learning to ride with him, even putting up with his tricks to try to end the lesson. When they got the Arabians we sold him to a friend with young children, so they learned on him also. What a surprise those children had on Christmas morning!!! Good old Coke!

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