Today’s Horse Facts: Super Keystone Stables Fan!


(Today’s blog post is one day early because Marsha will be away from her computer on Thursday!)

Today’s Super Keystone Stables Horse Facts Fan



Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson is a horse facts lover who has read all eight Keystone Stables books. She says she’s one of the biggest fans ever of my series about Skye and her horse Champ. She lives inPennsylvania and has one sister and three brothers. She is homeschooled and in the sixth grade. She says she’s glad she doesn’t have to go to a school where they don’t teach about God.

She doesn’t have a horse but wishes she did, so she collects horse figurines and other animal models too. She says she loves to ride ponies at carnivals and fairs. She has a cat named Joyce.

On the Victory Trail

She has two favorite Keystone Stables books. Her one choice is the second book in the series, ON THE VICTORY TRAIL because Skye asks Jesus to be her Savior after she’s in a truck accident.

Katie also likes the sixth book, BLUE RIBBON CHAMP, because she thinks the story is funny, and Skye has to learn to like Joey and teach him to ride a horse.

Blue Ribbon Champ

Way to go, Katie, another Super Keystone Stables horse facts fan rides again!

Next time, I’ll tell you about another horse of mine from a long time ago. It was one that I only owned about two weeks. So tune in to find out why.


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