Today’s Horse Facts: Are You Horse Crazy?

Take the Horse Crazy quit and see if you’re nuts about horses like I am!


Today’s Horse Facts: How You Know You Are Horse Crazy

I was looking through some old albums to try to find pictures of one of the earlier horses I owned. In my trek into the past, I saw some really, really old pictures of me riding some horses or ponies when I was a kid.

Sugar and Me

Here are two pictures that show me riding a pony when I was about ten years old. The pictures were taken at a riding academy, where my mother would take me on some Sunday afternoons to ride for an hour. (Mom took the pictures. The plain horse fact is she never was good with a camera. She kept cutting off people’s heads or arms or something.)

I still remember this sweet little Shetland’s name: Sugar. She was dark brown with a white mane and tail. I loved her dearly. The boy in the one picture was a stable boy, who helped groom and tack the horses.

Me riding Sugar

I think his name was Joey.

After looking at these pictures and a few others, I reflected on how horse crazy I’ve been all my life. Then I decided to make a list of all the things I did that PROVED I was horse crazy from the time I set foot on this earth. Then I thought, “H’m, I wonder how many Keystone Stables fans are horse crazy like I am?” So, I made a list of some strange things horse lovers do to PROVE that they are horse crazy.

If you can answer “YES” to at least five of these points, I’m afraid you fit into the category HORSE CRAZY FROM THE GETGO!

So get a paper and pencil and take this HORSE CRAZY quiz. Email me and tell me how you did. Answer true or false:

  1. You were born with a silver spur in your mouth, not a silver spoon.
  2. You want nothing but horse coloring books to color and horse books to read.
  3. When you play outside, you pretend you’re riding a horse. You make trails through the woods and on fields, pretending they are horse trails.
  4. You want nothing for your birthday but horse models, horse puzzles, or horsie outfits like fringed jackets and boots.
  5. Your bedroom looks like the inside of a barn. You have horse pictures, horse models, a horse spread, and anything else horsie decorating your room.
  6. If you don’t own a horse, you try to ride one every chance you get, even if it’s the carousel at the amusement park.
  7. When you pet a real horse, you rub your hands hard on the horse and don’t wash your hands for the rest of the day, just so you can keep smelling the wonderful horse odor on your hands.
  8. If you own a horse, you’d rather be with him than anyone else. You wouldn’t mind sleeping in the barn with your horse.
  9. If you own a horse, you don’t mind mucking the stall at all because horse manure smells better than any other poop in the world.
  10. You can’t wait to get to heaven where there are white horses all over the place! (Check out Revelation 19:11-14.What a thrill that will be!)

Well, how did you do? Are you horse crazy like I am?  Then join the horse crazy club and keep on riding! Or, if you don’t have your own horse yet, keep on dreaming and pretending you’re riding that golden steed no matter what else you are doing!

Next time, I’ll tell you about my fourth horse, a pony that I bought a long time ago. I’m not sure of her name, but she was a cute little pinto. She wasn’t a Shetland, but she was awfully small.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Horse Facts: Are You Horse Crazy?

  1. Hi Mrs.Hubler,
    Thank you for writing the Keystone stabels books I love them they are my favorate books.
    I took the quiz and answerd six of them true so I guess I am horse crazy:)
    Your biggest fan,
    Katie Nelson

  2. Dear Mrs.Hubler,
    I have not taken the test yet but I will soon!!!
    I love your books and I have read the whole keystone stables series!! They are #1 books!

  3. Answered 8 out of ten… I dont think I was born with a silver spoon are a spur… But If I could choose, I would DEFENATLY be born with a spur!! That was one I didnt answer to, and the other one was number 6: I do have a horse, so that doesnt apply. But I still ride any horse I can get my hands on… 😀 Love this quiz. Just come across it when I was searching google!!

  4. I got 10 out of 10 I really love horses and plan to get my own. I didn’t know that you wrote books but I will try them out. Thank you!

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