Today’s Horse Facts: Hannah Shoemaker

Hannah Shoemaker is a Keystone Stables fan and humongous horse facts lover. She’s got two horses and even a dog that loves horses!


Today’s Horse Facts: Hannah Shoemaker

Another Super Keystone Stables Horse Facts Fan


Hannah's Two Horses


“I love to tell people about the amazing gift God has given me! (My horses). I went through some rough times, and they have always been a strong shoulder to cry on. They have been the object of some of my photography as well as fodder for some of my short stories.”

That’s what our new Keystone Stables Super Horse Facts Fan Hannah Shoemaker says. She’s a lover of God, horses, and the Keystone Stables books. She is in the ninth grade and lives inPennsylvania. She has an older brother and a younger sister. Her hobbies and activities include horses, of course, photography, camping, and swimming on three different swim teams!

When asked what she thinks of God, she said, “I go to church and I think of God much like my horses. He’s always there and always has a shoulder to cry on. He always listens even if his plan isn’t what I want.”

Hannah loves to talk about her two horses, Buck and Chris. Here are just some of the horse facts about her two equines:

Hannah's Quarter Horse Buck

Buck is a 19-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding. He is about 15 hands and at this time very fat. He acts like a three-year-old most days. He can unlock stalls doors and throw some pretty good bucks. He has a great personality on the ground; he loves to lip Hannah’s hair and nuzzle her neck. He is a sorrel with a large blaze and a single black stocking. He recently got into some mischief that sliced his nose badly. He’s now missing some of the outside of his right nostril, but it has become a battle scar to tell all his lady friends about. Buck loves peaches and enjoys helping himself to the apple tree in the pasture.

Hannah and Chris

Hannah’s other horse is Chris, a 16-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding. He is about 14 hands high. He’s a bay with two socks; his build is sleek like a thoroughbred. He was previously abused and very skittish, but after about three years of working with him, Hannah’s starting to feel him really connect. Buck has taught him how to open stall doors, but it takes Chris much longer than it takes Buck. He was a barrel horse during the time he was with his abusive owner. He was bred for racing and is wicked fast. When Hannah started working with him, he didn’t like to run. Now with gentle coaxing, he loves it! He is such a smooth ride; it’s like sitting in a rocking chair. He is recovering from a large abscess in his foot. Hannah tried putting him on stall rest but, somehow, he got stuck while rolling in his 12×12 stall and skinned his legs badly. He’s a great horse, though a little skittish at times. He loves to be petted and groomed.

Oh, by the way, Hannah loves all kinds of animals. She also has another furfriend. “Cameo is my dog,” she says. “She is an 8 ½-year-old chocolate lab.”

Cameo Watching All the Action

Way to go, Hannah, another great horse facts fan!


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