Today’s Horse Facts: Answers to the Horse Facts Quiz

Answers to the Horse Facts Quiz are here!






Here are the answers to last Thursday’s Horse Facts Quiz. Let me know how well you did.

  1. ___c.__ Trot                      a.   A female baby horse

  2. ___f. __ Dressage              b.  Usually gold with white mane and tail

  3. ___i. __Mare                     c.   Between a walk and canter

  4. ___l.__ Grade horse           d.   Two or three different colors

  5. ___o.__Hackamore           e.   Above the shoulder & behind the mane

  6. ___r. __ Roan                    f.    “Fancy” riding

  7. ___u. __ Foal                     g.   Western competition

  8. ___x. __ Horn                    h.   The fastest horse in a short distance

  9. ___z. __ Cinch                   i.    A female horse old enough to breed

10. ___y. __ Equestrian            j.    Stud

11. ___a. __ Filly                     k.   Wild horses onAmerica’s plains

12. ___d. __ Pinto                   l.    Not registered

13. ___g. __ Rodeo                 m.  Tender part of the horse’s hoof

14. ___j. __ Stallion                 n.   Male horse that cannot breed

15. ___m.__ Frog                    o.   A bitless bridle

16. ___p. __Fetlock                 p.   Part of the horse’s lower leg

17. ___s. __ Arabian                q.   Smooth riding gait

18. ___v. __ Bots                    r.   Dark color with “sprinkled” white specks

19. ___t. __ Colt                      s.   Oldest horse breed

20. ___w.__Equine                  t.   A male baby horse

21. ___q. __Tenn.Walker       u.  Baby horse, male or female

22. ___n. __Gelding                 v.   Nasty insect eggs that stick to the horse’s coat

23. ___k. __Mustang               w.  Another name for horse

24. ___h. __Quarter                 x.   “Knob” on a western saddle

25. ___e. __ Withers                y.   A horse facts lover/rider

26. ___b. __ Palomino z.   Holds the saddle in place

And just to brighten your horse facts day, let me tell you a little story about my cousin Dave and me when we were kids a long, long, long time ago.

We loved to go to a little riding academy where our parents would take us once in a while to ride ponies in a little corral for an hour at a time.

I loved to ride Sugar, a gray pony with a white mane and tail. Dave didn’t care what horse or pony he got. He just wanted to hop on and ride like the wind!

Well, one time Dave cranked up his pony into high speed and was racing around the inside perimeter of the exercise corral. As I walked my horse slowly, I watched Dave “yahooing” around the corral. All of a sudden, he panicked and yanked the reins, but the pony wouldn’t stop.

“Whoa, whoa!” he yelled, but the pony kept going.

Next thing we knew, Dave was hanging onto the one corral post while the pony kept going.

Of course, our mothers were fit to be tied and scared silly. But no harm done; Dave was fine and so was the pony. Once Dave got a good finger-wagging scolding from his mom,  tough guy mounted again and finished his hour in a slow walk.


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