Today’s Horse Facts: How Well Do You Know Yours?

How well do you know your horse facts? Take the Equine Quiz.



Okay, I think it’s time to see how much all of you really know about horses and your horse facts. Following is a matching game of horse terms. Let’s see how well you do.

Now don’t cheat. (Yes, looking them up in the dictionary is cheating! Look them up AFTER you do the match game.) The answer key will be in my next blog.

Are you ready to hit the dusty trail? Let’s go:

  1. _____ Trot                         a.   A female baby horse

  2. _____ Dressage                 b.  Usually gold with white mane and tail

  3. _____ Mare                       c.   Between a walk and canter

  4. _____ Grade horse          d.   Two or three different colors

  5. _____ Hackamore           e.   Above the shoulder & behind the mane

  6. _____ Roan                      f.    “Fancy” riding

  7. _____ Foal                       g.   Western competition

  8. _____ Horn                      h.   The fastest horse in a short distance

  9. _____ Cinch                     i.    A female horse old enough to breed

10. _____ Equestrian            j.    Stud

11. _____ Filly                       k.   Wild horses on America’s plains

12. _____ Pinto                      l.    Not registered

13. _____ Rodeo                  m.  Tender part of the horse’s hoof

14. _____ Stallion                n.   Male horse that cannot breed

15. _____ Frog                     o.   A bitless bridle

16. _____ Fetlock                p.   Part of the horse’s lower leg

17. _____ Arabian              q.   Smooth riding gait

18. _____ Bots                    r.   Dark color with “sprinkled” white specks

19. _____ Colt                    s.   Oldest horse breed

20. _____ Equine               t.   A male baby horse

21. _____ Tenn. Walker     u.  Baby horse, male or female

22. _____ Gelding              v.   Nasty insect eggs that stick to the horse’s coat

23. _____ Mustang            w.  Another name for horse

24. _____ Quarter              x.   “Knob” on a western saddle

25. _____ Withers               y.   A horse facts lover/rider

26. _____ Palomino           z.   Holds the saddle in place

If you get 100%, please email me and let me know. Go to my website and click on “CONTACT.” I’d like to know if we have any horse facts geniuses out there!

Happy guessing! Happy riding!


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