Today’s Horse Facts: Kristy Wilday, Another Keystone Stables Fan

Kristy Wilday is another super Keystone Stables horse facts fan. 🙂


Horse Facts About Another Great Keystone Stables Fan

Kristy Wilday

Super Keystone Stables Fan
Kristy Wilday, Horse Facts Fan

Kristy Wilday is a horse facts lover and a loyal Keystone Stables fan. Her hobbies include mostly reading and some writing.  She hasn’t been around horses, so she doesn’t have a favorite horse.

Her favorite Keystone Stables book is the last one, The Long Ride Home.

The Long Ride Home
Foster kid Skye hunts for her real parents

She likes that one in the series the best because Skye, the main character, decides to look for her parents, and Kristy says, “I like how it ends. I love happy endings!”

Kristy is a born-again Christian who lives in California and has only ridden a horse once that she can remember. Besides reading and writing, she likes to play board games such as “Sorry,” which is her favorite game of all times.  She also likes listening to Christian music and hanging out with friends.  

Her favorite TV programs are detective-type shows. She has an older brother who is married with four children, one girl and three boys. She also has a younger sister who is married with no children. 

Kristy is single.  At the moment she has no pets, but she grew up having a pet parakeet.

Way to go, Kristy! You’re a super Keystone Stables Horse Facts Fan!



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