Today’s Horse Facts: Lynn Baber, Another Horse Facts Lover

Lynn Baber, a horse facts lover, is a breeder and trainer from TX.

Lynn Baber on One of Her Favorite Horses
Lynn Rides Sky

Lynn Baber is another horse facts lover. She and her husband live in north central Texas with six horses—you can read about them in her books—three dogs, and three cats.

If you are a dreamer and fantasize about some day owning horses, Lynn says, “Sometimes dreams do come true.” That’s what happened in her life concerning horses. She left her career as a business consultant and motivational speaker and became a barn rat. Twenty years later, Lynn was a National and World Champion breeder and trainer, had judged shows in the US and Europe, and was Certified as an Equine Appraiser.

Lynn’s passions, both equine and not, always somehow connect with issues of leadership and relationship. Twenty years working with stallions added to her education, and she now shares those experiences and lessons by writing about horses and how horses help Christians understand their own relationships with God.

Lynn likes to share a story about one of her horses when she was a little girl. “Brownie was a 15.2 hand Quarter Horse, just beginning to slick up for another Minnesota summer when a four-year-old red-haired girl (ME!) tumbled off his broad back. I hit the ground just in time to see Brownie’s left front hoof coming toward me. That’s my first memory of horses,” Lynn says. “I fell off, got stepped on, and I’ve been in love ever since.”

Every person passionate about horses shares at least some of what Lynn feels about horses. “No other creature on earth offers what a horse does.”  After the Brownie incident, Lynn spent time with horses whenever the opportunity presented itself, but she had to wait well over twenty years to finally have a horse of her own.

Lynn is proud to tell other horse facts lovers that she is a Christian. “There are three branches of the family of Jesus Christ that I serve: Christian horse lovers, Christian writers, and all my other brothers and sisters that don’t fit into one of the first two categories.” The lessons from scripture (and horses) of leadership and relationship that she has learned through the years can be helpful to anyone. “Bible principles,” she says, “strengthen the family even as we work to call the flock together in this time of great spiritual activity.”

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Way to go, Lynn! Welcome to the Keystone Stables Horse Facts Club!


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