Today’s Horse Facts: Sarah Kliewer, Keystone Stables Fan

Sarah Kliewer is another super Keystone Stables fan!



Sarah, Super Keystone Stables Fan
Sarah from Canada loves horses

Today’s Horse Facts About another Keystone Stables Fan


Sarah Kliewer

Sarah Kliewer is fifteen years old, loves horses, and rides English style. She lives in British Columbia, Canada. She has two horses. (Yes, TWO horses!) Their names are Maggie, a four-year-old Thoroughbred and Willow, a twenty-seven-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She says, “I love them both to pieces!” One of her goals with horses is to get into jumping and showing some time in the future.

Sarah lives on a farm with her family of seven. Their pets include five horses—she got her own six years ago— three dogs, four cats, and TONS OF CHICKENS! Bawk! Bawk!

She says she’s been crazy about horses for as long as she can remember. She loves them because God created them, and we can ride them.

Where does Sarah go to school? She goes to Three Gems High, which is a homeschooling program. (And I know homeschoolers are super. I should know. I work with homeschoolers in Pennsylvania.) One of Sarah’s hobbies is playing the piano for the last eleven years. She even has written her own song. (I’d love to see the music because I play the organ!)

On the Victory Trail
Skye's best friend, Sooze, has a brain tumor

When asked which Keystone Stables book she likes the best she said she can’t pick a favorite because they’re all different; yet they’re all the same because they have mostly the same characters. But she says she really likes the KEYSTONE STABLES BOOK 2, ON THE VICTORY TRAIL, and KEYSTONE STABLES BOOK 3, SOUTHERN BELLE’S SPECIAL GIFT.


And what does she think about the main character Skye?

Southern Belle's Special Gift
Snotty foster Kid Tanya won't be friends with anyone


Sarah says that, even though she doesn’t have anything in common with Skye other than their love for horses, she still likes the character. However, Sarah says it’s just been inspiring every time she reads about her. Skye’s horse, Champ, reminds her of her own horse with his calm but talented character, and Chad, Skye’s best friend, sounds like the dreamy boy every Christian teen girl dreams about! 

Way to go, Sarah! You deserve to be a high-rated Keystone Stables fan! Keep on reading and keep on riding!



(Lots of good horsie stuff. And don’t forget to read the stories in the STORIES link.)

  Keystone Stables Book Four

Summer Camp Adventure
Skye is a junior counselor at a special needs camp

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