Madelyn Brown, Keystone Stables and Horse Facts Lover

Maddy Brown is a new loyal Keystone Stables fan.


Here’s another Super Keystone Stables Series Horse Facts Fan!


Keystone Stables Fan
Maddy Brown, horse lover

Madelyn Grace Brown is ten years old but will be eleven this July. She is a homeschooler in the fifth grade this year and loves to read. Even though she doesn’t have a horse, she loves horses. She rode a horse once when she was about three years old, and ever since then she’s been hooked on horses.

 She has six in my family: one brother, two sisters, parents, and herself. Her older sister is married, and she and her husband are missionaries to the country of Bhutan.  They will have a baby this month, so Maddy is excited about being an aunt.  Madelyn’s dad is a preacher in Virginia.

 Maddy says her favorite Keystone Stables book so far is ON THE VICTORY TRAIL, but that’s because it’s the only one she’s read so far. She says she really likes this one book “because it tells how the Lord is dealing in the life of Sooze.”

 Her favorite breed of horse is the Appaloosa. She loves all their spots on their bodies, and one day when she owns a horse, it will be an Appaloosa.

 Way to go, Maddy. Keep on reading, and keep on riding!    Marsha

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