Today’s Horse Facts: The Arabian

The Arabian is known as the “China Doll of the Horse World” because of its beautiful delicate features.


Would you like to own an Arabian? Here are some interesting horse facts about this fascinating and absolutely gorgeous breed.

Sometimes called “The China Doll of the Horse Kingdom,” the Arabian is known as the most beautiful of horse breeds because of its delicate features. Although research indicates Arabians are the world’s oldest and purest breed, it is not known whether they originated in Arabia.

However, many Bible scholars believe that the first horse that God created in the Garden of Eden must have embodied the strength and beauty that we see in the Arabian horse of today. It is also believed that all other breeds descended from this gorgeous breed that has stamina as well as courage and intelligence.

A purebred Arabian has a height of only 14 or 15 hands, a graceful arch in his neck, and a high carriage in his tail. It is easy to identify one of these horses by examining his head. If you see a small, delicate “dish” face with a broad forehead and tiny muzzle, two ears that point inward, and large eyes that are often ringed in black, you are probably looking at an Arabian. Arabians can come in any color, white or gray being most predominant.

The Arabian breed tends to be a flighty, excitable breed; yet, if trained properly with love, an Arabian horse can give you years of loyal companionship and dozens of admirers as you ride either in a parade or on a woodland trail.

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Marsha Hubler
Author of the Best-selling Keystone Stables Series

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