Carrie Lewis is one of us horse facts lovers. She paints beautiful pictures of horses and writes about them, too.



Starting today, we have a brand new feature on the HORSE FACTS blog. From time to time, we’ll feature articles about other horse lovers.  If you’d like to be featured on my blog, please let me know.

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Today is our first HORSE FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT blog. Enjoy!


Horse Facts You Should Know About:

Carrie Lewis, Horse Facts Lover, Writer, and Fantastic Painter!


Carrie Lewis
Horse lover & painter


Carrie's Painting
Carrie's Morgan Painting

Carrie says:

My earliest memories are of country life, dairy farming, animals and the outdoors. Three sisters, a brother, and I grew up around dairy cattle, chickens, dogs, and cats, so when I started drawing, it was natural to draw animals. It was also natural to start drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon.

The only formal education I can claim is a couple of years of high school art at Clare Public High School, Clare, Michigan; one semester of oil painting at Mid Michigan Community College, Harrison, Michigan; and one semester in the Fine Arts Dept. at Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas. In all cases, formal studies seemed too unfocused. I already knew what I wanted to do—paint horses! So studying all that other stuff only distracted me from my goal.

 I am always looking for ways to better my artistic skills, so I am a permanent student in the School of Trial and Error. I’ve painted in several different styles, including the direct method (which goes straight for the color) and Classical methods (which involves under paintings, layering and glazing). Classical techniques work so well for both of my chosen mediums—oils and colored pencil—that it’s now the method of choice. My technique is based on the work of the 17th Century artist, Johannes Vermeer, though I have also customized it to suit colored pencils and my own working style. I have exhibited paintings in many exciting places, including Lone Star Park Race Track, Grand Prairie, Texas and Remington Park Race Track, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Since the early 90s, I’ve worked with the Michigan Harness Horseman’s Association, donating custom portraits to their annual benefit auction. In the course of maintaining a growing art business, I have taught myself web design (a skill that will, no doubt, prove to be a continual learning experience). Less well known, but no less enjoyable, is writing fiction. As yet, nothing has been published, but I have finished two complete novels (one about horse people and the other an “English cozy” type mystery) and have two others nearly finished. I still take a great deal of pleasure in writing. There are also plans for instructional art books.

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