Today’s Horse Facts: The Palomino


The Palomino

It’s well-known of all horse facts, that no other color of horse will turn heads his way than the gorgeous golden Palomino.

While the average person thinks the ideal color for a Palomino is like a shiny gold coin, this breed’s registry allows all kinds of coat colors as long as the mane and tail are silvery white. A white blaze can be on the face but can’t extend beyond the eyes. The Palomino can also have white stockings, but the white can’t extend beyond the knees. Colors of Palominos can range from a deep, dark chocolate Palomino (my favorite of all horse colors) to an almost-white cremello.

As far as body confirmation, four breeds are strongly represented in crossbreeding with the Palomino today: the American Saddlebred, the Tennessee Walker, the Morgan, and the Quarter Horse.

No one is sure where the Palomino came from, but it is believed that the horse came from Spain. An old legend says that Isabella, queen of Spain in the late 15th Century, loved her golden horses so much she sent one stallion and five mares across the Atlantic to start thriving in the New World. Eventually those six horses lived in what is now called Texas and New Mexico, where Native Americans captured the horses’ offspring and incorporated them into their daily lives. From those six horses came all the Palominos in the United States, which proves how adaptable the breed is in different climates.

Today you can find Palominos all over the world and involved in all kinds of settings from jumping to ranching to rodeos. One of their most popular venues is pleasing crowds in parades, namely the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, every New Year’s Day.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of owning a horse that you could be proud of whether you are trail riding on a dirt road, showing in a western pleasure class, or strutting to the beat of a band in a parade. If that’s the case, then the Palomino is the horse for you!

(If you’re shopping for the best in bloodlines, look for a horse that has a double registry. With papers that show the proper bloodlines, an Appaloosa Quarter Horse can be double registered. Perhaps you’d like a Palomino Morgan or a Pinto Tennessee Walker? Zowie! What beautiful hunks of horse flesh await you!)


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