Today’s Horse Facts: My Horse, Hubby Poem

I must tell you a funny story about one of my horse poems. At least, those who were there at the moment thought it was funny. You might not think it even deserves to be in a horse facts blog. But here we go, anyway.

Quite a while back, I attended a writers’ conference where an editor of a poetry magazine was on the faculty. One afternoon, about five of us had a meeting with this editor, Lora, to read our poems and discuss them.

When it was my turn, I read the following poem that I had written:

Sorrel Majesty

When I saw his majestic muscular beauty

And delicate sleekness,

My eager heart stood still.

He pranced with such royal dignity That my soul bowed

A peasant before the king.

With proud neck arched

And tail obedient to the wind,

The snorting engine nodded.

 His keen ears searched;

His fiery spirit traced my slightest breath.

My trembling fingers reached

Toward a trembling velvet nose.

And we both knew he was mine!

When I finished, Lora had the most quizzical look on her face. She looked at me and said, “I’m assuming that’s about your husband, but what does that “tail obedient to the wind” mean? And how about his “velvet nose?”

 “My husband?” I gasped. “No, this poem is about a horse!”

Well, Lora and everyone else in the room practically rolled on the floor in laughter. Obviously, Lora wasn’t familiar with horses or terms like “sorrel” or an “arched neck.” To this day when I see Lora, we still laugh about the poem about my husband that wasn’t! 

Oh, by the way, she did publish the poem in one of her “Time of Singing” poetry booklets.

Marsha Hubler, best-selling author of the Keystone Stables Series


(writers’ blog)


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